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A Brief Report on the PCC meeting held 17th May 2021.

It was nice to be back in person and away from the horrid “zoom” meetings when the PCC met on the 17th May. This was the first meeting of the new PCC appointed at the APCM and everyone was present.

Doreen was appointed as Vice Chair of the PCC and Chris Shingles as its secretary. Regretfully we have as yet been unable to find a treasurer for what is really a vital post. Volunteers please.

The make up of the various committees for the coming year were agreed and a busy year is on the way for everyone involved as we try and recover from the Covid setback, and continue to develop and grow the church together.

There was good discussion reviewing some of the things that have, and haven’t, happened over the last 14 months, and points raised at the APCM were also looked at.

On the positive side Children’s Church had reopened and plans were in progress to reopen the Coffee Shop. Various other suggestions were considered including a leaflet drop to the whole Parish reminding everyone that the Church was open, provision of new posters outside the Church and the reintroduction of a Church Magazine. Volunteers are needed to progress these suggestions.

In respect of finances it was noted that whilst major financial losses had been experienced due to Covid a recovery had started. The Undercroft had reopened and other fundraising options were being considered. This situation will be reviewed after 3 months when major works to St Thomas’s have been completed.

The PCC also briefly discussed the 4 questions asked of the congregation at the APCM:

  1. What have we lost in lockdown that we are glad to stop ?
  2. What have we lost in lockdown that we want to have back ?
  3. What have we gained in lockdown that we will be glad to lose ?
  4. What have we gained in lockdown that we want to keep ?

The vicar would welcome everyone’s thoughts on these questions.

The PCC noted the average attendance in Church was currently 30 plus children and that 14 devices viewed the on line service. It was generally agreed that the on line services had been a great benefit to a number of people and should be retained.

The PCC welcomed the introduction of an on line midweek prayer service. It is hoped that this will move to St Andrew’s before the Coffee Shop when that reopens. It is also hoped that it will be possible to serve coffee after Sunday Services very soon.

Our Churchwarden reported that work to St T’s roof, downpipes and toilet had been completed and that work to the tower was due to commence in the middle of June. Please note that it could be necessary to close St T’s during part of the work due to safety concerns.

At St A’s, works to the roof and downpipes are being carried out. A leak into the Undercroft had damaged and brought down the kitchen ceiling but this damage had now been dealt with, repairs to the walkway are now urgent.

The PCC noted that the diary in respect of Undercroft bookings was currently full, and that the garage previously used by the Guides had now been let to a builder who had agreed to carry out any necessary repairs.

The PCC accepted an anonymous donation to cover the cost of planting a tree in the front garden in memory of those lost during recent times, including those lost to Covid. Hopefully an event involving tea and cake could be held following the dedication of a tree.

The Safeguarding Officer had circulated safeguarding policies to cover the Church’s activities in the Parish and these were agreed and will be available in both Churches.

Finally, please note that our services on Sunday 6th June will be taken by Rev’d Atalie Gaines, the vicar of King Charles the Martyr in Potters Bar, whilst Chris Kilgour takes the service there. Please support Atalie during her first visit to our churches.

If you have any thoughts or questions in relation to this report or have an ambition to be Church Treasurer please contact the vicar or Chris Shingles.

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