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A Brief Report on the PCC meeting held 4th October 2021.

A dark and dismal evening for the PCC was brightened by the vicar arriving at the meeting with a large box of chocolates under his arm which he placed on the table. With 11 of the possible 12 members present they would not go far but it was a nice thought even if it did take him until Item 10 to open them.

Following our opening prayer the PCC was very pleased to welcome a new member as David Hall joined us.

More good news, from Doreen Sheekey now as she reported on a meeting in St A’s with a representative from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers who wish to make a feature of our windows on their website. These windows are the work of Alfred Fisher who is famous in the world of glass. It has been suggested that we might get visitors to view the windows.

Following a great deal of research the vicar informed the PCC that we were now in a position to make final decisions on the new sound system for St A’s. The proposed system will greatly improve all aspects of sound in the Church and make the area much more attractive to other suitable users. The cost of the equipment has been offset by a grant which will cover 50% of the cost.

Anne Stokes reported to the PCC on the progress made by the Fabric Committee into the provision of a new heating system for St A’s. Suggestions made following a visit from a heating engineer had been considered by the PCC, and further options had been requested. Anne is in contact with other churches which have recent experience with new heating systems to seek their advice.

Not so bright news following a visit from our architect to St T’s where it has been noticed that the cracks in the West wall have widened and the rate of widening has increased. Some further monitoring work and ground investigation is to be carried out but costs mentioned in discussion would be beyond the parish’s resources. It does appear, however, that some progress might be made to stop the damp in the East wall with the removal of the old boiler house. It seems that whilst the old and now defunct boiler is still in the structure, it could be removed and the ground leveled, which would go some way to prevent the rising damp in that wall.

Staying in Northaw, progress is being made on the repair of the boundary wall damaged in a road accident. It is expected that all the costs associated with this repair will be covered by the driver’s insurance.

Most of the PCC members had been involved in the Harvest Festival lunch held on the previous day, and it was with some pleasure that we heard from Kathy Shingles that the event had been a great success in all respects, including financially .

The vicar reported to the PCC that some gaps in the Church budget had been caused by the loss of income from the Covid closure of the Undercroft, but it is currently back to full usage. He reported that up to that point all matters relating to the Undercroft had been dealt with by Doreen, including bookings and invoices.

He went on to remind the PCC that there was still a vacancy for another Church warden and a treasurer. Both posts are vital if the parish is to progress in the coming years. Any volunteers from the congregation would be warmly welcomed.

Looking back at some of the aims that the PCC set itself before the onset of Covid was expected to be a slightly painful experience but once we started to consider what had actually been achieved the overall picture improved, with more than 50% of our targets being reached. This set against the background of Covid was something of a success.

The meeting ended at 9.05 and the PCC returned to their homes, I suspect pleased to end the meeting on a high note.

And yes, I did get a chocolate and to be honest I had Doreen’s too.

Chris Shingles. Secretary to the PCC.

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