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I hope that these emails and prayers are useful, and that you are able to spend a few minutes at noon each day, as we pray together as a church family.  Please do keep sending your prayer suggestions to me, so that we can make sure we are praying around the needs, burdens and encouragements of our whole church family.

Most days also include a prayer link to Operation World, a resource organisation which collates and publishes information in order to help people to pray for the people around our world, country by country.  For those of you who would like to use the information to pray worldwide, please click on the link for the day, read about the country, and pray for the needs that you see.  We are hoping that this will help us to pray as a church family for the needs of our world in an informed way; do let me know whether or not you find it helpful. 


“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15)

Lord, would you help us to continue to live well for you this week, and to remember why we follow you. We pray for conversations with others that will help your goodness and love to be shared. We pray for opportunities to share your hope with those around us; please give us the words we need for every circumstance. Amen

Please also pray today for the Holy See (the Vatican city state).


Lord Jesus, take me this day and use me.
take my lips and speak through them.
Take my mind and think through it.
Take my will and act through it,
and fill my heart with love for you. Amen

Please also pray today for Honduras.


Loving God, we thank you this week for the new guidelines that allow single people to have closer contact with others by becoming part of a ‘bubble’ with another family group and being allowed into their homes. Please would you help us here in Northaw and Cuffley to make sure that we look after those around us as best we can under these new guidelines. If there are people we can help to become part of a ‘bubble’, please make us aware of them. Please help us to serve our community well in this way, in your name. Amen.

Please pray today for Hungary.


Dear God, help me to take the right path in life and help me to know right from wrong. Show me a way to get through life and its problems, no matter how hard they are. Help me to build a life I can be proud of, and show me the way to make a happy life. I put my trust in You as I know You are a God who loves us all no matter who we are. Amen.

Please also pray today for Iceland.


Father God, we pray today for all those who have been working, without rest and in new ways, since lockdown began: medical staff, school staff, church and community leaders, those keeping our infrastructure going, and so many other key workers. Please would you sustain them, and despite things beginning to change again would you help them to find ways to rest. As many secondary pupils spend some time at school this week, we particularly pray for staff who are now trying to juggle on-line and face-to-face teaching. Amen.

Please also pray today for India.


Almighty Father, as many aspects of life are slowly beginning to look like they did before lockdown, we pray for change where it is needed in our lives and in our world. Where structures or habits were not helpful, please help us to put better ones in place instead. As church buildings begin to open, please help them - and help us - to be a blessing to communities in new and wonderful ways, in your name and for your glory. Amen

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