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I hope that these prayers are useful, and that you are able to spend a few minutes at noon each day, as we pray together as a church family.  Please do keep sending your prayer suggestions to me, so that we can make sure we are praying around the needs, burdens and encouragements of our whole church family.  This week, we have also added readings covering Mark chapters 1-10, and, on Saturday, the reading for Sunday morning (Mark 11:1-11).


“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” (Mark 10:51)

Lord Jesus, thank you that you gave sight to the blind - and that you still do when you help our hearts to see and understand who you are, and to follow you. Please help us to keep our hearts and our eyes on you this week, and please keep us learning and understanding more of you day by day. Amen

Please also pray today for Tanzania.

Reading Mark 1-2.


Faithful God, we have prayed for progress with a vaccine for COVID; we thank you for the results we are hearing about in vaccine development and testing so far. Thank you for those who have been willing to take part in tests, and for the scientists who have been working so hard to get to this stage. We pray that the ongoing testing will be straightforward, and that you will enable a safe vaccine to be available soon. Amen

Please continue to pray today for Tanzania.

Reading Mark 3-4.


Loving Father, as we progress through a second lockdown, we pray for those we know who are ill - please would you be with them in times of pain or sickness, and help them to heal - and with those we know who are alone - please would your Spirit with them help them to know they are never alone, and would you show us how we can be your family to them. [You could spend some time praying for particular people you know]. Amen

Please also pray today for Thailand.

Reading Mark 5-6.


Almighty and merciful God,
whose Son became a refugee and had no place to call his own;
look with mercy on those who today are fleeing from danger,
homeless and hungry.
Bless those who work to bring them relief;
inspire generosity and compassion in all our hearts;
and guide the nations of the world towards that day when all will rejoice in your Kingdom of justice and of peace;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Please continue to pray today for Thailand.

Reading Mark 7-8.


God of eternal comfort, we thank you today for those who are caring for others while life is so constrained and isolating. Please would you be with carers looking after loved ones at home, sustaining and encouraging them through low and difficult times. Where we know these carers, please help us to find a way to be part of your love for them. Thank you to for those who give their professional lives to those in need; help them to bring cheer and compassion to those they serve in this way. Amen

Please also pray today for Timor Leste.

Reading Mark 9-10.


Mighty God, whether we are feeling strong or weak today, please help us to know all our strength comes from you. Please give us strength today and forever, and as you encourage us, please help us to be encouragers. May we encourage your people as we follow you together, and may we encourage others to find answers and meaning in you. Amen

Please also pray today for Togo.

Reading Mark 11:1-11.

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