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“Jesus said, '… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. … I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me’” John 10:10,14 (NIV)

We are now some six weeks into lockdown, with no real sense of how and when restrictions might start to be lifted.  It’s been great to meet up virtually a couple of times in the last week.  We’ll be meeting again in the same way tomorrow and next Wednesday (more details below).

Sunday Service

The reading set for Sunday talks about living life to the full.  That seems really hard to imagine at the moment, but Jesus promise still stands for us.  As we stay in our houses, what does that mean for us?  How can life like this be ‘living life to the full’?  I hope that you’ll be able to join our service at 10:30am tomorrow morning as we look a bit more at what Jesus says in this passage.

As in previous weeks, we’ll be using Facebook (brief instructions at the bottom of this email).  Do feel free to share the links to our services with friends and relatives: everyone is very welcome to join us, no matter where they are in the world.

By about 11:30 on Sunday, the audio should be available to listen to by calling 01707 927907.  As well as the ‘dial-in’ service, audio recordings are also available through SoundCloud.

Church Family Fellowship

After the Sunday service, we’ll have coffee together via Zoom (details at the bottom of this email).  Once you have installed it, the meeting is set to open at 11.15 on Sunday; if you’d like to be part of the meeting, please email me.

1 Peter

Next week, we’re going to start looking at Peter’s first letter in our Sunday morning services.  If you’d like a copy of 1 Peter with a page of text opposite a lined page for noting any thoughts, responses etc., do be in touch with me (07446 516945/01707 699030, chris@norcuff.com).  If you’ve already let me know, one will arrive with you this week

Sunday Readers and Pray-ers

We usually have a rota of readers and pray-ers for Sunday mornings.  If you’d be happy to record readings or prayers, or be recorded, please let me know.

Praying at Noon

I know some have already been doing this.  Please can I encourage you, when possible, to stop at noon and spend a few minutes praying - we may be physically separate, but we can still pray together; we’ll email out possible areas for prayer each week.  If you would like to make any suggestions, please email prayers@norcuff.com.

How to join the Facebook service

  1. Follow this link to the church's Facebook page
  2. You can ignore any banner at the top or bottom that invites you to ‘Log In’ or ‘Create New Account’
  3. Scroll down, until you find the link to the live video.  A window may appear suggesting that you log in - you can just click ‘Not Now’ at the bottom.
  4. Click on the video to watch

Getting started with Zoom

If you’d like to join us and aren’t already using Zoom, you will need to install it on a computer or other device in advance.:

When you join the meeting, you should be prompted to ‘join with video’ and then ‘join with audio’.

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